Green. Smart. Safe.

Combining a century old technology with technical understanding and clever algorithms to produce cost-efficient and green hydrogen and ammonia.


Building on proud Norwegian traditions of harvesting clean, renewable energy and transforming it into the energy carriers of the future, Sigma Hydrogen is well positioned for the energy transition that we have just seen the beginning of.


IPCC reports “code red for humanity” and we strongly believe that new technology is an important part of the solution.

Sigma Hydrogen’s technology allows improved margins compared to existing processes for green hydrogen production, making it profitable to make a greener choice. Better for you and better for our planet.

Welcome to POLO

Sigma Hydrogen - What we do

Sigma Hydrogen operates in the cross section between traditional industry and cutting-edge information technology.

Chemistry is Life

In sigma hydrogen we build on electrochemistry and standardized products, we add information technology and combine it in a smart way, and we operate it better.


Our solutions are based on system design and consider total cost of project and production. We believe that flexibility and scalability is crucial to deliver custom solutions for our customers needs.


To make the energy transition and decarbonize the plantes energy system, the easiest and fastest way is to ensure green energy is competitive, even without subsidies. Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for wind and solar projects are now in general equal, or less than fossil fuel and nuclear. To compete with fossil fuels, it most be possible to store and transport green energy competitively as well. Hydrogen and ammonia can be the link between production and demand regions and leverage existing infrastructure and competence in the work force. Sigma Hydrogen will be part of the journey to bridge the gap for green storage and transport.


Some of the benefits of choosing Sigma Hydrogen as your supplier and service partner

System Design

We use standard building blocks in our system based approach to complete a full system producing hydrogen and ammonia.

Offtake and Market

We predict and analyze the product market to ensure the production is optimized.


We cooperate with our customers to choose the best location for their projects and ensure cost efficient production over time.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions can be modularized and added throughout the lifetime of a project and production.

Power Agreements

We cooperate with the utility companies to ensure we have optimized power agreements as well as the possibility to use the grid for offtake and power consumption.

Fully Automated

We use the latest technology in automation and computer technology to combine the industrial processes with computerized models and protocols for operation. Manual labor is minimized.

Cost Efficiency

To ensure we produce hydrogen and ammonia at the lowest possible cost, our technology is focused on optimized production for both CAPEX and cost of production.

Partners and Relationships

We use partners to plan, engineer and construct our projects and cooperate with customers through all phases of the projects and operation.

Low Carbon Solution

Sigma Hydrogen is fully committed to being carbon neutral and only use renewable energy and low carbon solutions for the construction phase.


Sigma Hydrogen is working together with a number of partners