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At Sigma Hydrogen, we believe that there exists a better way of producing green hydrogen. A more profitable and data driven solution. In other words just smarter.
We are passionate about our solutions, and our mission is to help other companies take advantage of the magic of Sigma Hydrogen and achieve their goals. We focus on perfecting our area of expertise, knowing that smart solutions in the rest of the value chain will come. It is already happening.
Sigma bonds stand as the cornerstone of molecular covalent bonding, emerging from the direct orbital overlap between atoms. This powerful bond secures electrons in a low-energy state, serving as a molecular energy store. The inherent stability of sigma bonds necessitates an energy input for their disruption, underscoring their capacity to conserve energy within chemical structures.
During water electrolysis, the electric current breaks the sigma bonds in water molecules, separating them into oxygen and hydrogen molecules. The energy from the electric current is stored in the newly formed hydrogen molecules as potential energy within their sigma bonds. When hydrogen is used as fuel, the sigma bond breaks through a reaction with oxygen (or other elements), releasing energy as heat and water.
The presence of sigma bonds extends beyond hydrogen and water, serving as the backbone of molecular architecture. In organic molecules like methane and in solids such as diamond, carbon relies on sigma bonds to form strong, stable connections. These bonds are integral to the stability and reactivity of a vast array of chemical substances.




A world running on clean, cost-efficient energy.



Sigma Hydrogen shall facilitate safe, clean and cost efficient hydrogen production, based on unique digital solutions and form strong, lasting partnerships that will ensure a sustainable future. That's why we are Green, Smart and Safe.



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